Anderson Creek Mobile Veterinary Service

Mobile Practice
Spring Lake, NC 28390




Our prices are based on the average of veterinary hospitals in the local area.  We strive to make your pet's care convenient and affordable.  The prices below are a general listing so please submit an appointment request for an estimate for services. 


Physical Exams

Routine annual, initial, or sick call exam: $35

Recheck or return puppy/kitten exam: $30


House Call Fees

Please find your zip code for our estimated house call fees.  There are times when a visit will require the additional assistance of one of our technicians for convenience and safety of the family members. We can generally determine the need during our appointment scheduling and is at the discretion of the doctor. 

28310,  28323,  28326,  28390:  $35-$50

28308,  28307:  $35-$50

28303,  28305,  28310,  28311,  28356:  $45-$60

28304:  $50-$65

28314:  $55-$70

28348: $65-$80


Canine Vaccines and Labs

Rabies:  $17

Distemper Combination:  $25

Leptospirosis, 4 serovar: $20

Kennel cough: $21

Heartworm test: $30

 Bivalent Influenza: $36

Lyme:  $25

Feline Vaccines and Labs

Rabies, one or three year vaccine: $17

Distemper Combination:  $21

Leukemia:  $27

Leukemia/FIV test: $40