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We understand and empathize with the desire to get cheaper products by a small number of our families. We also know, through unfortunate experience, cheaper is not better when it comes to health care products. We will provide a written prescription, at your request, to be used at your discretion. We want your decision to not use products from a verified veterinary manufacturer and distributor to be an informed one. Please note the following:

1. There is a possibility products received from online or third party retailers are counterfeit and not approved by the FDA. This has happened to our clients in the past and still recurs. Also, many products manufactured and labeled for use in other countries (lately Mexico and Australia) have been illegally diverted and sold through online or third party retailers. 

2. As your pet's medical provider, your medical records track drugs dispensed through VetSource. When you purchase products through third parties, we are unable to oversee results or adverse interactions. 

3. When you purchase through an online retailer, our staff cannot teach you how to use the products safely. We also cannot oversee the number of tablets or capsules, strength, number of authorized refills, or detailed safety and use concerns. 

4. Manufacturer guarantees will likely not be valid. This means if your pet's condition is not treated or they contract a disease meant to be prevented (for example: heartworms), the manufacturer may not support the treatment or liability process. A $5 per month savings on heartworm prevention products may end up costing your family $1000s in treatment costs. 

For more information about risks and consumer warnings about online and third party retailers, please visit 

If you still wish to purchase your pet's health care products through a third party retailer or online source, please copy and paste the text below, **noted in quotations**, into an email message and send to our practice at Additionally, include your pet's name and requested products. A waiver is required annually for products prescribed once a year (heartworm prevention, oral flea prevention, etc). Waivers will be required more frequently for prescriptions that need to be authorized more than annually. 

"1. All North Carolina and federal prescribing and veterinary medical practice laws apply to my request. 

2. I will receive one prescription per year, free of charge, for products that are generally prescribed on an annual basis (heartworm prevention, oral flea control). Prescriptions requiring more frequent authorizations will be provided once for each authorization. If the prescription is lost or filled incorrectly by the retailer, I may obtain a replacement for $8. 

3. I may obtain these written prescriptions at a house call or they will be mailed to the address listed in my pet's medical records. 

4. To avoid any doctor-patient confidentiality concerns, ACVMS does not correspond with retailers via fax, email, or phone. It is my responsibility to communicate with online or third party retailers. 

5. It is my responsibility to ensure the prescription is submitted, filled, labeled, shipped and used correctly. ACMVS is not responsible for the process. 

6. ACMVS will not be involved in any treatment failure or adverse reaction reporting for products purchased through online or third party retailers. 

I have read and accept all risks outlined on and request a written prescription so I may purchase these products from a third party or online retailer."